Nike SB X Compton Skate Club Dunk Low

Nike SB X Crenshaw Skate Club Dunk Low

For a chance to purchase the Nike SB X Compton Skate Club Dunk Low, Rose Street will be conducting an in-store 2 day raffle. It starts August 3rd 11am, and ends Friday August 4th at 6PM.

We love that you skate, rock & chill in your kicks that’s what they’re intended for.

Dunk Low Sizes 8-13 (no 12.5) $130.00 + Tax
Youth Dunk Low Sizes 12C, 13.5C, 1Y, 2Y $90.00 + Tax
Toddler Dunk Low Sizes 6C, 7C, 8C, 9C, 10C $75 + Tax

1 raffle entry per person.
Shoes are not stored on location.
Cool Calm & Collective is Key. If you are new to us pull up say hello and enter.

Locals Only… Raffle entry limited to San Diego County residents only. Out of State/County entries will be deleted. One entry per person/per household.

Duplicate entries are always noted and will be deleted and blocked from future releases. Please do not call, DM the shop about raffle results or dunk inquiries.

Winners will be contacted via email on Friday August 4th by 9PM with details to purchase.

Please be aware of scams and fake accounts posing as Rose St to try and get you to pay. We only reach out via Email with purchase instore ONLY. If you are approached please make us aware and report it. (They normally block us)

A Valid ID will need to match the address you listed in raffle for payment.

If you don’t get an email from us you did not win.

Thank you, good luck & be safe.

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