Welcome to Rose Street –  where skateboarding meets with San Diego’s North County community and serves as a bridge connecting with friends and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. 

Rose Street opened in November of 2019 by Sean & Fay. Sean's roots lie in NYC – growing up in a melting pot of skateboarding, music, art, fashion, and counter-culture. The name Rose Street pays homage to the iconic Brooklyn Banks in NYC, a place that served as a formative experience for Sean.

In 2018, Fay prompted the move back to her hometown of North County San Diego. Opening a skate shop was not on their radar, but Sean was constantly being asked by local kids where he got his shoes, hat, and clothes he was wearing... and highlighted the void in the local scene.

Longing to collaborate on something fun and meaningful, the concept of a "mom & pop skate shop" took shape, and Rose Street was born. Our mission was clear – to bring together the best skate brands under one roof, offer exceptional service with a stellar staff, and become an integral part of the North County SD community.

Rose Street continues to grow alongside our incredible skate crew as we strive to curate a diverse selection of the best brands, support emerging ones, and collaborate on special events.

Join us as we continue to nurture Rose Street as a space transcending the conventional skate shop experience, blending influences, fostering connections, and embracing the diversity that makes skate culture truly universal.